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Simple Dynamo Android Project with Source Code



Project Overview

Simple dynamo android project will just able to work as dynamo which produces electricity. But this simple dynamo will not directly produce the electricity. It’s a dynamo which will help your android phone to get charged using solar panel. This panel will take input from solar panel via USB cable connected to your android phone and convert it to electrical energy and charge your battery. It will act as a charging module and thus, using a solar panel you can charge your battery anywhere, even at the place, where electricity is not available.

Existing System

All you need to charge your mobile battery is the medium of electricity, so you uses electric boards to charge them. But what will happen to your mobile, if there is no source of electricity. In this case you mobile battery will be dead and you will no more able to talk. In case of high voltage, there can be chances of fuse problem and can cause damage to your mobile or to your battery charge or the both. There a chance of battery drain, if you frequently on or off your mobile screen during charging session.

Proposed System

Using this simple dynamo android project, it will act as an idle app to charge your android based mobile battery using solar panel. The other important features which you will see while using this simple dynamo, when you will make plug-in or plug-out your USB charger to and from your phone, your phone screen will not get flickered thus saving your battery precious energy. It’s the simple dynamo which makes charging faster and make your android mobile more effective. Even while charging you can carry your regular work and will have no effect on charging module. It’s the real system by which you can save energy and make this world green.

Features of this project

  1. No effect on android phone screen during the session of charging.
  2. Saves energy and fast energy saving system.
  3. In built AI, that understand your activity and manages the power during charge session.
  4. Easy UI by which you can easily activate or deactivate this app anytime.
  5. The most important feature of this app is: it’s available at free of cost and easy installation process.

Download Project

Simple Dynamo Android Abstract Download Abstract
Simple Dynamo Source Code Download Source Code

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