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SMS Remote Control Android Project



Project Overview

SMS Remote Control AndroidSMS remote control android project is an advance android project which makes you android mobile safe even it has been stolen or has been misplaced. It’s the system by which you can activate the various features of your android mobile through SMS. In order to activate the various features which will guide you to know the location of your mobile phone, you just have to send SMS to your mobile by any other mobile. Once the message will be received at your android mobile, all the features to identify your mobile phone will be activated automatically.

Existing System

There was no such existing system, which helps you to find your mobile automatically using the available technologies. Once your mobile has been stolen, you were not able to get this back and even you try, you have to visit police station and make report and wait for enquiry results. There was no medium of self-dependent by which you can get the exact location of your mobile phone, thus you were always in worry. If some professionals knows the basic tricks, they will hack the important information which is available under your mobile, thus no safety and security was available.

Proposed System

SMS remote control android project will make your electronic gadget a powerful tool during your search operations, in case if you’re mobile has been lost or misplaced at particular location. This project will uses the four technologies to get your android phone back. It’s the android project by which you can enable these four services: enabling the internet connection either 2G or 3G, make your mobile phone alarm ring, enabling Wi-Fi feature from remote location and getting your android mobile phone location using GPS through SMS to your desired number. Not only this, if you know the location and enable the internet connection, you can lock your android mobile from remote location, thus securing all your information remotely. You will also able to add number of recipients who will receive your mobile location through SMS.

Features of this project

  1. If you lost your mobile in crowd, by sending SMS, you can make your mobile ring loudly by using a unique ring tone.
  2. All the internet and Wi-Fi features can be directly enable from remote location by sending message from different mobile.
  3. You can choose, what features should be activated when message will be received.
  4. Get the exact location of your mobile to your recipient number through SMS.
  5. You can block all activities and lock phone from remote location through SMS.

Download Project

SMS Remote Control Abstract Download Abstract
SMS Remote Control Source Code Download Source Code

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