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Unit Converter Android Project with Source Code



Unit Converter Android Project

Project Overview

This android based unit converter is not only perform unit conversion but more than that. It’s the unit converter which also provides you the power to calculate at your finger tip. Using this android unit converter, you will able to convert various units like distance, temperatures, currencies various complex units of mathematics and science. This unit converter will also be helpful for students studying in science or commerce stream. To make your complex calculation easier, we have provided two types of calculator under one panel and these are: general purpose calculator and scientific calculator.

Existing System

In the earlier android based unit converter app, there was limited conversion facility and was limited to units. So whenever we are in need of extra conversion of different type units, we have to use mathematical formulas and sometimes the use of scientific calculator. Many of android unit conversion app, doesn’t allow us to add our own units and their calculation factors, so that we can use it whenever we are in need of it. There was no facility of exporting your converted data to your home panel and make use of it, the only facility was, get converted unit information’s, retain in your memory or write it down and make use of it. But this problems has also been solved under this new system.

Proposed System

The new unit converted android based project having multiple units or we can say all the units which we can use for conversion purpose. This unit conversion is not only limited to distance, temperature, five to six types of currencies etc. In this unit converter you will get more than 100 unit converter for currencies, scientific conversions related to electricity, science, math’s etc. To make a user friendly unit converter, you will be provided various other features like, keep only those converter which are required by you, delete the conversion unit which is not needed, copy and paste facility, directly save the converted data to your home screen and act on the saved information’s and much more.

Features of this project

  1. This android based unit converter will able to run on any versions of android O.S.
  2. To make calculations easier we have added different types of calculators like four function calculator, scientific calculator, GPS converter and much more.
  3. Easy conversion of angles and DPI which is hardly available in other unit converter.
  4. This unit converter can also be used for financial calculation using financial calculator available under custom settings.

Download Project

Unit Converter Android Abstract Download Abstract
Unit Converter Android Source Code Download Source Code

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