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Complete Mailing System


Project Abstract 

Complete Mailing SystemThe complete mailing system is developed for facilitating communication within an organization. This eases the communication among the employees of a company. It will work as a private organization portal with which any registered employee can mail/message any other registered employee without even bothering about their contact details. The ids of all the registered employees of a particular group will be made available under the employee’s profile. 

Existing System 

Most of the companies presently use public mailing systems or communication modes like gtalk, yahoo mail etc. It is really hard to remember each and every employee’s gtalk or yahoo id. Moreover, the System must be connected to internet to send or receive mails.

Proposed System 

Although this Complete Mailing System is similar to that of internet mailing system, the major difference is that the former doesn’t need an internet connection to send or receive messages. This application will be more of a personalized mailing environment when compared to the conventional one. 

Complete Mailing System Modules

The following are the modules

  • User details
  • User Login
  • Send and receive mails
  • Show message history
  • Join Groups
  • Help
  • About

Module Description

User details

  • New user can create their accounts and the existing users can update the information.
  • Change password functionality is also provided.
  • Only admin has the permission to delete user accounts

User Login

User has to provide registered user id and password in order to access the system.

Send and receive mails

This module takes care of sending the mails to the receiver promptly and it also receives and stores the received mails in the inbox. Both Inbox and out box contents are saved to the database.

Show message history

This module allows us to check the history of mails exchanged whenever we want

Join Groups

A user can join one or more groups of his choice.


Presents detailed instructions to use the application.


This module has information related to the developers, version and contact details.

Software Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP
  • Language: JAVA 
  • Database: MS-Access or Oracle

Hardware Requirements

  • Processor: Pentium III or higher Processor
  • Hard Disk : 2 GB of hard disk
  • RAM : 64 MB .

Download Complete Mailing System

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