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The CAPTCHA is used to provide the security against the malicious software by generating a test which only a human can complete. The CAPTCHA stands for completely automated public Turing test to tell computer and human apart. Currently, we are using CAPTCHA are image and text-based data. The reusable CAPTCHA security engine will provide a better way to generating the data for CAPTCHA and will increase the difficulty in bypassing the system by use of improved algorithm.

Existing system

In the existing CAPTCHA security system we use mainly text based CAPTCHA which we are using from the begging of time, so the today there is some software which can bypass this test. The hacker hacks the data from the system and then they make software according to that and the CAPTCHA is bypassed. While a human need to enter a long sentence in the box before the access to the website. While solving the CAPTCHA is a boring and sometimes even though it is right, it shows error and we can say that at first CAPTCHA use to protect from spam bot, but today bots are defeating the CAPTCHA while sometimes humans can’t solve it.

Proposed system

In the proposed CAPTCHA security system will generate the CAPTCHA by using a new improved algorithm which will be interesting to solve at the same time it will be tougher than previous to solved by the bots while will feel easy. The humans have limitations on the speed of response then compared to any computer and hence the computer must be slower than the human and so we will make full benefit of this and use it in the proposed system. The CAPTCHA security system will contain colored graphical interface with the font is limited to two while the border line thickness and color will be fixed. The CAPTCHA security system will generate random text which will be shorter than the present system but will be difficult to hack as it will randomly generate.


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CAPTCHA security Modules

Preventing the comment
CAPTCHA security will protect from the bots are which are used to do the comments on the blog so that the ranking of them increase in the search engine.

Protecting the registration
It will make sure that no bots can make false email Id and use to get access to different websites.

Protecting email
This system will secure the email from bots as to view the details of any email from any website it will need to solve the CAPTCHA.

Software requirement

  • Operating system : windows XP or higher
  • Languages : Core Java, Servlets, JSPs, JDBC, TML
  • Data Base : Oracle 10g
  • Tools : Eclipse / Net Beans

Hardware requirements

  • Processor : Pentium 3 with 600 MHz or above
  • Ram : Minimum 1GB
  • Hard disk : Minimum 30GB

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