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The main aim of this Pay Roll System project is have a fully automated pay-roll system. This fully user friendly software will make the whole pay-roll system speedier and will guarantee on time salary to employees without any redundancy and delays. Moreover, it will certainly reduce the time, money and effort wasted in manual searching for leaves, deductions, grade allocation and designation allocation.

Pay Roll System Project

Existing System

The Existing Pay Roll System is in fact very slow and highly delays prone. As the data stored is done manually, it takes a lot of time to process any query regarding information of any employee. The financial head has to search for a particular employee grade, leaves, designation and calculate the deductions before issuing him the pay slip. It requires huge man power if the organization is having a good number of employees. Due to manual operations, inconsistency in data management may prevail which can create faulty pay slips.

Proposed system

The proposed Pay Roll System software will remove any kind of redundancies and inconsistencies prevailing in the existing system by providing a fully computerized pay roll management system. The Pay Roll System will hold all the employee’s personal details, along with his grade, designation, leaves and other deductions. The reports and the pay slips can be generated with a single mouse click. The GUI of the software is very user friendly, easy to navigate and can easily be managed by a non tech-savvy person.

Pay Roll System Modules

There are essentially two modules of this Pay Roll System software which are further broken into sub-modules;

Registration module: In this module, new entries will be created and modified. It is broken into five sub modules:

Employee Master: Here all the details of the employee like address, DOB, Date of joining are stored here. He is allotted grade and designation through this module.

Deductions master: Here all the deductions will be calculated. Leave deductions, tax deductions and other deductions are inserted here.

Department master: New departments are added here and updations and modifications to existing departments are done here.

Designation Master: It enables the admin to create new designation corresponding to a particular department.

Grade Master: Here new grades can be created as well as allocated to the existing employees.

Reports Module: The reports module is responsible for report generation based on the specified category. The categories are employee wise reports, grade wise reports, department wise reports, grade wise repots and pay-slip report. Pay-slip generation is also responsibility of this module.

Hardware configuration

  • Processor speed 233 MHz or above
  • RAM 128 MB
  • Monitor Standard color Monitor
  • Hard disk 20 GB
  • Floppy drive 1.44 MB
  • CD drive 32 Hz
  • Key board 108 keys keyboard
  • Mouse Scrollable 3 buttons

Software configuration

  • Operating system Windows 95/98/NT/2000
  • Language Java (JDK), Servlets (JSDK), JavaMail
  • GUI HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Back end Oracle
  • Web Server Java Web Server 2.0
  • Database Connectivity JDBC
  • Web Browser Internet Explorer

Download Project

Download Abstract Project Abstract
Download Source Code Project Code
Download Database Project Database

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