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The main aim of this Billing System project is to manage the process of payments of bills online. It helps the user to maintain the billing records of subscribers for the telecom system. The application saves all the data related to the subscribers like the customer name, Date of installation, address, phone number, installation fee and the mode of payments etc. These details will be saved in the database. This Billing System application is developed using Visual Basic. The back end here is MS access. This helps the user to track the monthly bills of each subscribers This Billing System helps the user to pay for the telecom bills online through different modes of payment. Receipts will be generated online. The user has the option to generate reports regarding payments of bills for the particular period. The user can track if the customer has any outstanding bills. All the payment related details are stored in different tables and fetched from the back end and displayed as records in list view to the user of the system.

Billing System

Existing System

Earlier the data pertaining to payment was manged manually. This was not efficient. It was more error prone. The users had to keep track of all the subscribers’ information in files. Searching for this information was laborious task. It utilized maximum efforts from the telecom vendors. The cost of maintaining data of subscribers was huge. As the industry grew the problem became more complex. There was a huge requirement for resources to track the billing and payments from customers.

Proposed System

This is a simple Billing System application developed using Visual Basic. The interface takes as input certain fields which shall be stored later in database. The user has to login to the system. The user has the option to add subscriber information into the back end. It takes details such as name, Address, subscriber number, data of installation, amount for the installation, type of subscription, telephone number, mobile number, etc details. These details are store in respective tables in the database. Each record pertaining to a subscriber are recorded in the back end. The user can add these customer data and check for payments done for the month or any other type of plan that the user has selected. There are different modes of payment. The user can pay bills online or through cash and cards. These details are handled through the payment system. The user also can generate reports for every customer for a particular period. The user can track for customers who have dues. The user can also print the receipts for customers for that month or term he has selected. With the robust connectivity to database, the user can search for any of the subscriber information with ease.

System Specifications

Billing System Modules

Subscriber details: This module shall have the details of the subscribers to this billing system. These details include name, address, subscriber id, installation type, mode of payment, telephone number, mobile number etc.
Payment Module: All the payment related details are handled by this module. It includes the mode of payment, the amount to be paid for the bill for that month. All these details are stored in the database with respect to that subscriber id.
Reports: This module deals with the report generation for subscribers. It takes care of the reports for the time period that is selected.

Hardware configuration

  • Intel dual core Processor
  • 128 MB RAM
  • Monitor
  • Hard disk 100 GB

Software configuration

  • Operating system Windows XP minimum
  • Visual Basic 6.0
  • MS Access

Download Project

Billing System Abstract Download Abstract
Billing System Source Code Download Source Code

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