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The aim of this tool is to convert the text into audio. It enables the user to read an e-book using this system. It is easy to use. Copy the text which is to be converted to audio and click on the play button. The user shall be able to listen to the audio. The user can also pause the audio at any moment of time. He can replay it. The user has an option to move the application to any position on the desktop. This eases the user to access the application. A very helpful application which can ease the user to listen to the text rather than reading it continuously on the screen. This interface is developed using Visual basic. There are some APIs which are used to help in text to speech conversion. A very effective application which can be installed on any of the windows system.A very nice system which has a good natural quality of voice. It synthesizes the text and converts in to audio. This is very helpful for e reading of books. It is also great fun for kids. It can be used for educational purposes. Be it emails, documents in any formats and books you can use this application for all your requirements. A simple drag and drop interface which can be used on the desktops.

Existing System

There was no tool earlier to convert text to speech. It was difficult for users to continuously read the text on screen. Some users had the tasks of reading extensive content on the screen. There was no automation available to convert the text to speech. For people who are the area of content writing and proof reading, the task is difficult which requires them to read an extensive number of books online.

Text to Speech System

Proposed System

This is a simple program which can be moved anywhere on desktop. This application synthesises the text to speech. There are no hassles of login and password. The user can install this application and can start using. It enables the user to copy text into clipboard and converts the selected text to audio. The audio which is played is very natural. The user can pause the audio at any time. The user can replay it back at the point he has stopped. The application can be moved anywhere onthe desktop which eases the user to use the program. This application is developed using Visual Basic. This system uses some of the standard text to speech APIs.Before installing the application run the spchapi.exe which enables the application to use these standard set of functions which helps the user to convert text to speech.

System Specifications


Text to speech: This module shall hold the data related to the text that has to be played. The module shall use the speech APIs which are standard set of APIs provided by windows which is compatible to Visual Basic. Using these APIs, the system shall convert the copied text to speech. It shall also hold a pointer to the location where the audio has paused. This shall track the point form where the audio has to be played again.

Hardware configuration

  • Processor                    Intel P IV
  • RAM                           2 GB
  • Hard disk                    40 GB
  • Key board                   Standard
  • Mouse                        

Software configuration

  • Operating system       Windows 7
  • Language                    Visual Basic 6.0

Download Project

Text to Speech System Abstract Download Abstract
Text to Speech System Source Code Download Source Code

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