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The main aim of this Contact Information System application is to track the number of calls made to a contact in your list. The interface allows the user to add a contact, edit a contact or delete contact from the contacts database. It is a simple user interface developed in Visual Basic. The user has an option to add contact. The user will input fields like contact first name, middle name, last name details. The user will also enter address details like street, city zip code. It also takes information such as Home phone number, Fax number and cell number. There are also additional fields like email address and birth date. The user can save these details of the contact in the database. This interface shall track the calls being made from the host number to the numbers that are there on the contacts list. The number of calls are being recorded. It takes details such as the number of calls, call duration etc and stores it in the database.The interface also has option statistics. This window shall display the actual number of calls being made to an individual contact with the details pertaining to the call. This Contact Information System is developed using Visual Basic projects and has connectivity to databases MS Access.

Contact Information System

Existing System

In an organization there was no way to keep track of the number of calls being made from the host to the different contacts. It was a difficult task to maintain the information regarding the number of calls and duration of calls etc. There was no facility to store all the contact details in one database.

Proposed System

This is as simple Contact Information System application which enables the user to store contact information of different contacts on the database. It shall keep track of all the number of calls being made to different contacts in the list. It calculates the data from these calls and displays the actual data to the user. The user can add a contact to the database. The input screen has fields like contact first name, middle name, last name, address details like street, city and zip code. These details are filled in by the user. It also takes home phone number, fax number and cell number along with the birth date. When the user selects save option, the details gets stored as a record in the database. These contacts are displayed in a tree like structure on the left window. When user selects a contact on the left panel, the details of the contact gets displayed. Whenever a call is being made form the host number to different contacts on the list,the call is being saved on the database. The record is saved with details of the contact,call duration and time of call.The user can view this data on the screen when he selects that contact in the list. A statistics tab shall display the data regarding the call, frequency etc. All these details are stored in different tables in the Access database.

Contact Information System Specifications


Contact Information: This module of Contact Information System has all the data related to the contact like name, address and the phone numbers.
Call details: This module shall contain the information related to the call made from the user to different contacts on the list. It holds data like contact name, call duration, call date and time etc.

Hardware configuration

  • Processor Intel dual core
  • RAM 256 MB
  • Floppy drive
  • CD drive
  • Key board
  • Monitor 15 inch color
  • Hard disk 20 GB
  • Mouse

Software configuration

  • Windows XP Professional
  • Visual studio NET
  • Language Visual Basic 6.0
  • MS Access

Download Project

Contact Information System Abstract Project Abstract
Contact Information System Code Project Source Code

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