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The main objective of the Video Rental Management System is to provide users an interface to manage all the aspects of video rental, Manage customer data and video inventory. This is a simple User interface developed in visual basic projects that enables the user to log in and rent video of his choice. The Video Rental Management System shall allow the user to rent a video and return it back. The video rental center shall hold the information about customer like the customer name, date of issue of the video, the name of the video and the address of the customer. The Video Rental Management System shall check for the availability of the video and can issue the video to the customer. The date of issue and the due date shall be recorded for each video rented out. It shall also have the information about the cost of each video rented. The customer can subscribe for these videos for a period of time. This tool is developed using Visual Basic projects and has connectivity to database MS Access.

Video Rental Management System

Existing System

The video rental centers transacted their videos manually. It was a difficult task to manage all the videos with their date of issue and return. There was no centralized repository of videos. It was a difficult task to search for videos. The centers had trouble tracking videos and their due dates. Even the customer details were noted manually. Keeping track of records was a difficult task.

Proposed System

This is a simple Video Rental Management System interface written in VB which could help the user at the rental center to track all the rented videos. The user has to log in to the system. The user can view all the videos that are rented in a list view. Each record consists of the name of the video, the customer name, the date when it is rented, due date and the video rental cost. The user also can view all the videos that exists in the center. Video Rental Management System is a huge repository of videos. The database of videos is categorized into different languages and genres. Based on their category user can search for a specific video. The customer can subscribe for the videos at a particular cost for a period of time. These details will be stored in the customer detail in the database. Each video will have the name, and the date on which video is rented with the customer name. If the customer exceeds certain rental period then a small fine shall be collected from the customer. This Video Rental Management System has database connectivity to MS Access. Data is fetched from different tables and displayed to the user in list view. The user has the option to add new videos to the database. He also has an option to edit the details of video.

System Specifications

Video Rental Management System Modules

Login: This module shall have the details regarding user login. It checks for valid user based on the user name and password details specified.
Video details: This module shall have the data such as video name, language, category and the customer name who has rented the video, Date of issue.
Customer details: This module shall have information of customer name, address, Videos that are rented, Date of issue and date of return. It also includes the rental cost for the video. It also records the fine which should be paid if the video is returned after the due date.

Hardware configuration

  • Processor Intel dual core
  • RAM 2 GB
  • Monitor
  • Key board
  • Mouse
  • Hard disk 80 GB

Technologies used

  • Operating system Windows XP Professional
  • Environment Visual studio NET 2005 4.6
  • Language Visual Basic 6.0
  • MS Access

Download Project

 Video Rental Management System Project Abstract
 Video Rental Management System Source Project Source Code

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