Visual Basic Projects with source Code

Visual Basic Projects with source Code


Download Visual Basic Projects with source Code, reports and abstracts .You can use these projects by modifying according to your need of functionality.Visual basic projects basically use oracle database for project implementation.

Projects are Implemented using visual basic 6.0 version with Oracle database as back-end.

Bus Ticketing Management System Bus Ticketing Management System
Super Market Management System Project Super Market Management System
Library Management System ProjectLibrary Management System
Computer Institute Management System Computer Institute Management System
Computer Shop Management systemComputer Shop Management system
 Banking Management System  Banking Management System
 eBilling System in Visual Basic Project eBilling System in Visual Basic Project
 Paint Brush application Paint Brush application
 Media Browser using Visual Basic Media Browser using Visual Basic
 Calculator using Visual Basic Calculator using Visual Basic
 Text Editor Using Visual Basic  Text Editor Using Visual Basic
 Hospital Management System  Hospital Management System
 Insurance Management System  Insurance Management System
Airline Reservation System ProjectAirline Reservation System Project
Clinic Management System ProjectClinic Management System Project
College Management System ProjectCollege Management System Project
Courier Management System ProjectCourier Management System Project
Payroll Management System ProjectPayroll Management System Project
Shoe Shop Management System ProjectShoe Shop Management System Project
Railway Ticket Booking System ProjectRailway Ticket Booking System Project
Jewellery Management SystemJewellery Management System
Video Library Management SystemVideo Library Management System
Electronic Shop Inventory ProjectElectronic Shop Inventory Project


  1. rams

    hi Team..
    I need a trainee management system project…..front end and backend Sql server…..


    • ProjectsGeek

      Currently we don’t have trainee management system project, We will let you know.

  2. Javeritos

    Paint Brush application, Simple but good


  3. mahesh kumar

    please ebilling system this above is not open in my computer


  4. tass

    Hi team can I have computer shop management system codes… please


    • ProjectsGeek

      @Tass ..Its broken link..Thanks for pointing out. You can download project on the given link.

      And at the bottom of landing page just download source code as well as Project report.

      Shop Management System

  5. Suman Nayak

    Please upload university management system


    • ProjectsGeek

      Ok..we will upload university management system and let you know.

  6. kamlakar singh

    how create a bank management system project


  7. Md rashid

    please upload automated lab stock register


    • ProjectsGeek

      @Md rashid…sure we will upload and let you know after upload.

  8. Noordeen

    I need fees billing software for an engineering college. Is it available ?


  9. Akshay

    what is user name and password of this apps


    • ProjectsGeek

      @Akshay You can download each project by clicking buttons given on respective project pages.

      You can find the project password by opening login form code in visual studio or you can open the database given with that project.

  10. dhivya

    hi team, I need Passport management system project source code in visual basic 6.0 and MS access


    • ProjectsGeek

      Sorry Currently we don’t have Passport management system project but will be try to put Passport management system project on our website shortly.

    • mahibulla shaikh

      Sir, I want a library management system project with vb coding. So plz send a project

    • zeneesh

      Sir do you have the source code for blood bank in vb 6 and sql

    • ProjectsGeek

      Yes. Please click the respective button to download the blood bank in vb 6 project.

    • ilayagangai

      hi send u r mail id send full project

    • Raj

      sir, can you pls send it to me too. passport management system.

      thanking you in advance

    • Pratik

      My name is Pratik.
      Can you send me passport management system project if you still have it.
      Thank you in advance

    • ProjectsGeek

      @Pratik. We don’t have passport management system project. We will upload it soon.

    • Mangairaghav

      hi sir,i need ticket booking system project source code in and Msaccess

    • aananth

      hi Guys… I need the bus ticket reservation system. or c# as front end and oracle 10g as back end

    • ProjectsGeek

      Aanath you can download all projects here

    • Aswathy

      i want hotel management system source code pls send me to my mail id or post it

    • ProjectsGeek

      You can download hotel management system from this below link:

    • Rudra

      Hi all,
      please could you post or send me in email the Endoscope Reporting system with source code in vb or visual studio like this software.

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