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 Airline ticket reservation System project


Airline ticket reservation System Existing System

Some steps that needs to be followed to get a ticket for Airline when some one wants to travel from one place to another. These are the possible ways in which user can book a ticket for flight.

  • He can Book a Ticket at specified registered ticket counters suggested by airline in online.
  • Even above approaches make a ticket booking online, it was not completely done on online.
  • He can Fill a Ticket form using some system and take the print out of ticket on paper documents show it at Airport while check in.
  •  Passenger may not have much freedom over this approach.
  •  So definitely Passenger who want to travel will not be satisfied very much with this way of booking tickets as it includes traveling to Airport for booking tickets.
  •  Manually goes to the Airport and book his ticket.
  •  He can also Download flight ticket as paper document after booking, filling it manually like normal form and then submitting .

Proposed System

The airline ticket booking system that we are Proposing ensures the gives total freedom for passenger, where passenger can use his own personal computer to log on the website and can book his ticket. The airline ticket booking system allows only registered users or passengers to reserve the flight tickets, view flight timings and cancel their flight tickets.

The airline ticket booking system will work online and ticket with some transaction id is also generated for passengers as a print document. After that passengers can contact their queries and suggestions through a feedback form.

Airline ticket reservation System Snapshots


Project Download

Project Report Download Click Here
 Airline ticket reservation System Code  Click Here

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