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Help Desk project Web based System

The help desk project provides users with the answers they need for their technical issue. By bringing Help Desk Process to the digital medium and onto computers, finding what you are looking for has never been easier.

Using a web-based Help Desk Process solves problems with expansion and usability over large geographic areas. It also allows field techs or even clients themselves to retrieve up to the minute information regarding their query. Modern Help Desk Process also provides a tracking system, to actively monitor a certain problem area.

The Advanced help desk software was created to deliver a professional help desk management product to service oriented companies. This software have been proven to make customer support up to 3 times faster with half the amount of man power at the same time ensuring the customers are billed correctly. Building up on all of the standard Help desk software available in the market this product achieves superior performance using advanced technologies like AJAX and SQL Server 2008.


It is internal project of a software company developed for the sake of Customer to get solved from his problem and also to get the feedback from the customer regarding the problems solution


This system is an intranet based application can be used with in the organization.

 Help Desk project Web based System Snapshot

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