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School Automation System mini project

This is a project which was developed for a local School Management. It is useful to the principal, Admin etc, to maintain the Student details, Teacher Details,Class’s details. With the help of student Id principal will get total student details as like teacher details also.

School Automation System, which will cover the following modules:

Principal or admin

Input for School Automation System

  • Enter the student details and update also.
  • Enter the teacher details and update also.
  • Enter the class room details also.
Output for School Automation System
  •    View all the details of the students and teacher.

Steps to start-off the School Automation System project

  •  Study and be comfortable with technologies such as Windows# and SQL server.
  •  Understand the specification and come up with any suggestions that could be included.
  •  Decide on the strategy or plan or software model to be used.
  •  Create flowcharts or DFD’s.
  •  Create Database design.
  •  Decide on screens with good look and feel.
  •  Start on creating the front end and back end.
  •  Go module wise in a simple step by step manner rather than rushing on all modules together.

System Specifications

Hardware Requirements

  • Pentium-IV (Processor)                                                                                            
  • 256 MB Ram                                                                                      
  • 512Kb cache memory                                                                                              
  • Hard Disk 10 GB.                                                                                                        
  • Microsoft Compatible 101 or more Key Board                                                                     

Software Requirements

  • Operating System:      Windows
  • Programming language:    C#.NET
  • Web-Technology:     ASP.NET
  • Back-End:    SQL SERVER
  • Web Server:      IIS


School Automation System Project Download

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