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Fleet Manager System Project

The ‘Fleet Manager System’ project keeps track the information about the Vehicles, Vehicles Maintenance, Vehicles Repair, Vehicles Parts, Employees, Location and Vehicles Vendors and much more. This system will also keeps track the maintenance performed for different vehicles which are used for transportation.

The super users of the Fleet Manager System project are the ‘Managers’ and the ‘Admins’ of the different departments of this system allocated by the admin. The admin will be the owner of the transportation organization or the manager of transportation department of a particular manufacturing company or it can be CEO of the Company.

Fleet Manager System Existing System

In current Fleet Manager System project management of information of whole Fleet is a tedious , frustrating and error prone work.To make process simple and in order to schedule vehicles as well as staff, we the scheduler should not how many vehicles are there on board and available for allocation. Also system must Keep track of repair information because it is a must as some times vehicles might be referred for insurance.

Fleet Manager System Proposed System

  • To overcome the limitations in the existing system, the current system is being developed.
  • All vehicle details will be automated along with the staff information.
  • In Fleet Manager System project all functions like planning of trips and regular repair work information is being fully automated to make system more simple.

Fleet Manager System project Modules

  • User Authentication
  • Employee information
  • Inventory
  • Maintenance
  • Vehicle

Fleet Manager System project Vehicle Module

  • Adding vehicles or equipment is a simple process and doesn’t require a wealth of information.
  • We can add a vehicle with the most basic information.
  • This module will store the year, make of vehicle, model of vehicle and the base information, that is all you need.

 Fleet Manager System Project Snapshots 

Project Download

Fleet Manager Abstract Fleet Manager Abstract Download
Fleet Manager Report Fleet Manager Report Download
Fleet Manager Project Code Fleet Manager Project Code
Presentation Download Presentation Download

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