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Airline Reservation System Project Visual Basic 


To develop an Airline Reservation System Project , so that user can enter their query to search for flight and reserve their flight ticket.

Airline Reservation System Project Motivation

User can book their tickets from any location, thus saving their time and effort. Users can place their query as per their requirement and get results immediately on particular flight as per their desired location and as per entered price.

Airline Reservation System Project Snapshots 

Airline Reservation System Project Overview

Airline Reservation System Project will help the user to book their flight tickets without visiting booking counter or to any other booking vendors, thus saving their money and time. Airline Reservation System Project will be accessible by the user from any location through 24X7. Airline Reservation System Project will be user friendly and providing all the information on single screen just by single click.

 For booking ticket, users have to register using login menu. Under this menu, user will have to enter their username, email and password to access this system. After successful registration, user can enter by using their entered email id and particular password used during registration process. After login user will be provided with information screen, which will provide information on: – Search for flight, query of seats on particular flights, availability dates, arrival and departure time, making query between two locations, providing details on particular flights that from where to where it will travel and what will be it cost and what will be the total; travel duration.

User can book their tickets by using Airline Reservation System Project by placing their necessary details such as :- date of journey, total number of candidates, number of adults and child’s, their respective age, type of seats, date of returning(if required but not necessary), address details, payment mode etc.

After booking ticket user will be provided with PNR status and unique code for each ticket which is booked for particular candidate and payment status, that is whether it is paid or not. Through this PNR id user can further make changes as per their requirement that is they can make cancellation through this PNR id. Through this PNR id user will also able to get information on particular flight on their journey date and if any changes has been taken place for any particular flight on particular date, then user will able to get updates by placing their PNR id.

Airline Reservation System Project Modules

After successful registration and booking of tickets, user will get message in their email-id and on mobile.

For valid entry, a form validation process module has been added so that necessary details should not be left blank.

For easy cancellation process, user will have to press only Cancel button to execute their query and returning their money after certain deduction of amounts based on commission.

Technology Used 

  • ASP.NET with VB.NET as front end.
  • SQL Server edition as back end.

Software Requirements 

  • Windows XP/2000 or higher version.
  •  Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.
  •  SQL Server 2000

Hardware Requirements

  • RAM – 128 MB.
  • Hard Disk – 50 MB.
  • Processor – Pentium IV or higher .

Download Airline Reservation System Project

Airline Reservation System ppt Airline Reservation System ppt
Project Code Download Project Code
Airline Reservation System Project Report Airline Reservation System Report

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