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Clinic Management System Project with Source Code


This Clinic Management System Project keeps all records and transaction details for a particular clinic. User can handle this Clinic Management System Project by using a single screen through using its different menus and sub menus provided on the left corner of the window.

Motivation behind this Clinic Management System Project

A clinic inventory has to deal with various fields and sections along with different modules. So to make it simple so that user this can handle this project in a simple way without moving their cursor from one screen to another screen.

 Clinic Management System Project  Snapshots 

Clinic Management System Project Overview

When the patient will visit on clinic, they will ask to provide their name, address, sex, age and type or problems. As Clinic Management System Project will have built in feature that will assign the doctor by taking their type of problem as their input. After entering these fields, user will provided with a registration slip including their name, address, sex, age, name of doctor and chamber number. Each registration form will have unique registration number, arrival time of patient.

 The doctor will prescribe medicines using patient registration number. For taking medicine user have to give their registration number to the clinic medical shop, where they will get all the medicines and their bill details. User will also provide with an option for making payments. User can make their payments either online, by cash, by debit card/Credit card.

When the bill will be provided to the user, it all provides all the details for each medicine which they have purchased. Under this bill they will get info on :- Date of manufacturing, expiry date, batch number, manufacturer, number of medicines, price for each item, total number of items and total price.

 As this Clinic Management System Project will also handle the medicine department. This Clinic Management System Project will keep track of each and every medicine which is available in medicine store. If any medicine will be out of stock then that particular medicine name will be highlighted with red color. It will notify which medicine will be have in date of expiry before 10 days, so that appropriate actions can be taken.

 This Clinic Management System Project will also be used for task scheduling process. This Clinic Management System Project will provide entry and exit details for each particular member of particular inventory department. Each and every user which will access this system should have a valid user id and password. This user id and password must be created by admin and saved in database. When the user will enter their details, it will retrieve its id and password and make comparison by the value stored in variable and the values which are stored in the database. If the given value will match then the user can access the system screen for further operations.

Technology Used 

  •  Visual basic as front end.
  •  Microsoft SQL as back end.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP or higher versions.
  • Ram – Minimum 100 MB.
  • Hard Disk – 200 MB.

Download Project

Clinic Management System Abstract Clinic Management System Abstract
Clinic Management System Code Clinic Management System Code
Clinic Management System Database Clinic Management System Database

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