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Hostel management System Project


Hostel management System Project will able to keep student records, attendance information for each student along with their room number and hostel number details. This Hostel management System Project will also calculate the bills for each student for foods provided by the mess department of every hostel.

Hostel management System project Concept

The basic idea behind developing this Hostel management System Project is to make easy accommodation and easy calculation process for the Hostel Management. Through this Hostel management System Project, they can easily allocate the student to their appropriate hostel by using their admission receipt. As various other recipes are provided by the mess department and take additional charges. So candidates who will take this service will only have to pay that exact amount. If any student is not present, then they do not have to pay any amount of that particular day. If any candidate not be able to present during night hour will be fined or will take appropriate actions from authority side.

Project Statement

Current manual system cannot able to track those candidates who are not present within their hostel rooms during night hour. Another demerit is in mess payment system. Each month candidates have to make full payment even if they eat or not on particular day due to certain reason or may be due to holiday. Attendance is made manually by counting heads in every hostel within the campus.

Hostel management System Project Snapshot

Hostel management System Project Overview

Hostel management System Project will keep details of each and every student by suing their unique id which will be provided during the admission time. It will provide the expenditure details of mess department and able to keep track on the stock details of materials used under the mess departments. Admin can access information of each and every employee working under particular hostel number by using their unique number. The list of all working employees working under particular hostel will be displayed separately. Admin can add, delete, modify, and change information and other fields used in hostel management system. Admin can make changes in the mess charges, hostel charges, and other expenditures charges used within hostel campus.

Hostel management System Project can be used to make query to find quick results. It can be used to find room number which is vacant. This system can also be used to find total number of rooms available under particular hostel number. This Hostel management System Project will also display additional information, such as which hostel number will be available for boys and which hostel number will be available for girls. Another feature is that, we can assign particular hostel number based on the year of admission and course.

Technologies Used

  •  VB.Net as front end.
  •  My SQL Server as back end.

Software Requirements

  •  Windows Vista.
  •  Visual studio 2006.
  • My SQL Server.

 Hardware Requirements

  •  Processor – Pentium III or higher version.
  •  Ram – 200 MB.
  •  Hard Disk – 500 MB.
  •  Monitor.
  • Keyboard.

Download Hostel management System Project

 Hostel management System Abstract  Hostel management System Abstract
 Hostel management System Code  Hostel management System Code
 Hostel management System Database  Hostel management System Database
 Hostel management System PPT  Hostel management System PPT

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