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Jewellery Management System project

Jewellery Management System shops sells various types of Jewellery items and it is very difficult to categorize these items on the basis of their manufacturing dates, type of gold used to manufacture it such as either using 24K or 22K. Which items comes under the category of ISI Gold Mark and which items are of local brand. It is also very difficult to analyze the overall transaction for a particular period of time and which ornaments are not available in the shop. To solve these problems this Jewellery Management System has been developed.

Jewellery Management System Project Idea

This Jewellery Management System will follow the steps and rules to meet user requirements on demand and on time. Apart from this it will remove the difficulties faced by the admin to manage their shop and can be easily handled by the admin without any technical knowledge of the platform used and about the system. Through this Jewellery Management System employees working under a particular shop can be easily managed and overall transactions of particular date and time can easily be viewed.

Jewellery Management System Project Statement

The current Jewellery Management System does not provide the method to back up the database which is very important for any business transactions. Current Jewellery Management System provides the details of overall business transactions but they do not provide information on sells/purchase in and sells/purchase out. By using this technique shop manager can use their business strategy such as cost cutting method for their business process to gain maximum profit.

Jewellery Management System  Overview

Through this new Jewellery management system, shop managers can easily handle their shop and business transactions by accessing a single window. This Jewellery Management System will have Utilities, Transactions and Report generations menus. Utilities section will deal with backing up databases either on daily basis, timely basis, monthly basis etc as set by the admin, adding new employee, deleting new employee, managing existing employee details, adding new customer, adding and deletions of new supplier, changing the password, categorize different Jewellery items etc.

Transaction will deal with financial accounting part of this business scenario. It will provide information on sales, purchase, Cash In and Cash Out associated with this business process.

Generating report by accessing information stored in database is another important feature of this system. This Jewellery Management System will able to generate as per user requirement in user friendly manner. User does not require any technical details to generate reports. They have to submit their requirements by using different options available. This section will able to generate reports on sales, purchase, Cash In and Cash Out between a given time interval. If the date option will not be used, it will generate report from the starting date of business to the current date. However user can refine their query by using any specific date and time.

Jewellery Management System Snapshots 

Technologies Used in Project

  •  VB 6.0 as front end.
  •  My SQL Server as back end.

Software Requirements

  •  Windows 7.
  •  Visual studio 6.0.
  •  My SQL Server.

Hardware Requirements

  •  Processor – Pentium III or higher version.
  •  Ram – 250 MB.
  •  Hard Disk – 500 MB.
  •  Monitor.
  • Keyboard.

Download Jewellery Management System

Jewellery Management System Abstract Jewellery Management System Abstract
Jewellery Management System Code Jewellery Management System Code
Jewellery Management System Database Jewellery Management System Database

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