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Book Shop Management System in PHP


Book Shop Management System Book shop management system will help both purchaser and seller to purchase and sell the books in an easy manner. Purchaser will able to search any book on various criteria such as using writer and book name, using ISBN number, using subject wise and many order. He or She can order that particular book, return book, request for any book which are not available in the book shop. Upon placing order, buyers will get an order Id by which they can track their order. Buyers can pay online or select other payment options. To use this system, buyers have to setup their profile first and choose their username and password. Upon successful registration, their username and password will be forwarded to their registered email Id.

                                                                        There will be only admin who will manage this entire system. Admin will be provided with almost all features such as checking sales Invoice, Stock details, Product List, list of books subject wise, Manage customer, Manage suppliers. To make business process easier built in report generation concept has been added which includes generating purchase reports and sales reports, daily business transactions etc.

Book Shop Management System

In the existing book shop management system, search mechanism for buyers has not been so easy as compared to this new system. Users can search books only by the book title name which is not always not feasible. In this system, automatic processing of selected products for purchasing has not been used. When users select their products, their products should automatically added to the basket and upon final confirmation, payments options and confirmed address pop up box appears, but this not happened in the existing system. Returning books facility was not available in the existing system by which customers get confused while placing their orders. If any book was found in the record, they have to leave message to the mailbox for regarding such book and admin has to check that box by clicking on mailbox, which has been eliminated in the current system.

Proposed System 

Advanced features such as Business Information and Database Back Up facility has been added to provide security to the data which has been during entire business operations till date. If any buyers wants to return their book, they have to just click return option in their purchase order number dialog box. Upon clicking admin will get message with red mark in return list and users will able to get the payment if buyers return the book within the limited time set by the admin. With the help of sales invoice admin will able to set price of each book as per their choice and set offers and discount on purchase of particular books. Most interesting is that, admin can manage customers and suppliers details. Using this, admin will able to contact with suppliers directly and able to send offers and discounts news using digital marketing concepts to their customers email Id.

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