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Bank Application System


Project Objective

Bank Application SystemThis Bank Application System lets users create a new account, make cash deposits and withdrawals, access account information and delete account all through software without the need of going personally to a bank.

                 This Bank Application System project has been designed in Java and various actions have different panels. It keeps logs of all the transactions made whether it is withdrawal or deposit of cash. One can create a new account and even delete an existing one. This gives user the facility to work in one’s own comfort and at a time convenient for them. It is secure and user-friendly.

Existing System

The manual Bank Application System that carry out the whole process in a bank are more prone to errors. It takes a vast amount of time to take an action be it the creation of an account or depositing money. It is especially negative when there are time constraints for the customers to get a work done. This makes it a lot inconvenient for the customer as well as it is time consuming. Banks are open only in limited hours in a day and any transaction to be made after those times in cases of emergencies become impossible. This causes a lot of inconvenience.

Proposed System

This Bank Application System has been designed to overcome all the disadvantages of the traditional banking system. A user has the option of creating an account, cash transactions all at their own discretion. There is a separate module for each and every action and it is really easy to use and secure as well. This software helps save a lot of time, energy and effort that the customers have to go through in carrying out these actions personally.

Bank Application System Modules

  1. New Account Module:– This module lets users add a new account by providing name, address and age.
  2. Deposit module:– This module has been designed to assist the users in depositing money. It takes as input account number, type, date and amount.
  3. Display module:– This module provides account information, balance, withdrawal and deposit information. It has four sub-modules:
    1. AccountInfo module:– This displays the information of the account whose number has been entered into the given field
    2. BalanceInfo module:– This displays the current balance in the queried account
    3. DepositInfo module:– This shows the logs of the deposits which have been made into the account.
    4. WithdrawalInfo module:– This module shows the logs of the withdrawals that have been made from the account.
  4. Withdrawal module:– This module has been designed to assist the users in withdrawing money. It takes as input account number, type, date and amount.
  5. Delete Account module:– This lets user to delete an existing account.

Software Requirements

  • JVM

Technology Used

  • Java

Hardware Requirements

  • Hard Disk – 2 GB.
  • RAM required – 512 GB (minimum)

Download Project

 Project Abstract  Download Abstract
 Project Code  Download Source Code

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