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Web Based Resource Management System



            The aim of this Web Based Resource Management System project is to build a system to manage the resources of a company. A company’s resources include the employees, computer systems, other facilities, time, etc. This system will help managers make efficient use of the resources by allocating them as required.

            The Web Based Resource Management System will store records of employees, clients, projects and office resources. The system will have all details about employee skills, interests, experience and availability, and this information will be used to assign projects. This will make it easier for employees as they will not have to browse through numerous emails to create personal to – do lists, instead the system will automatically generate a daily to – do based on the work assigned by different supervisors.

            When a client places a requirement, the system will allocate this to a manager with the required experience. The manager can then create a project and create a team with available employees. The manager can either ask the system to automatically generate a team based on skills and experience, or the manger can browse the employee records and create a team. The system will check the availability of workers by checking the deadlines of other projects and rescheduling as required.

            The manager can then set the facilities and equipment required for the project. The system will automatically check availability and assign the required resources. This will make the process much faster. If the resources are not available and the project cannot proceed without these resources, the system will create a buy request for the procurement department. They will in turn judge the need and perform a cost – benefit analysis, following which a decision will be taken. The manager can then review the situation and make any changes in requirements.

The flow chart for the process is shown in the next page.

Web Based Resource Management System

Existing System

            The existing Web Based Resource Management System utilizes multiple managers, paperwork and emails. One manager will be responsible for allocation of resources, this system is inefficient because it is difficult for one manager to remain informed about the work of different employees. A single employee may be working on multiple projects and will have to sift through thousands of emails to understand the status of the project. This system is not flexible and it will not be able to adjust to bigger workloads as the company grows.

Proposed System

            The proposed Web Based Resource Management System will make the whole process of allocation easy and will ensure efficient utilization of resources. The system can easily flag resources that are sitting idle for long periods of time. Such a system will help upper management remain up to date about the work being done by different employees, while making it easy for project supervisors to find the talent they require. Such a system will make the process of facility allocation impartial and avoid such disputes.

Web Based Resource Management System Modules

Admin: The admin will be able to create user accounts for clients and employees. The top level management can use this module to access work statistics and to keep the system details updated.

Project: The project module can be used to create a project and allocate resources to it. This module can parse the information about available resources and can make a decision about which resources to allot to which project.

Scheduler: This will create a work schedule for the entire company. It will sort project requirements and resource availability, creating a schedule for each employee of the company.

Software Requirements

  • Windows XP
  • PHP 5
  • MS SQL Server 2005 Express
  • CSS
  • Apache Server

Hardware Requirements

  • Hard Disk – 2 GB
  • RAM – 1 GB

Download Project

Project Abstract Download  Download Abstract
Source Code Download Download Source Code
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