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Automated Sports Club Project

Automated Sports Club

Project Abstract

There are many clubs which provides various sports to their member. The sports can be cricket, tennis, pool, swimming, bar, table-tennis etc. The main problem of the system is to maintain the staff so that there are required amount of staff is present but also staff should not be much as the profit must be present. And another problem is to maintain all the information of its member so that the number of members should not exceed then the place available into the club as more number of user will increase the chance of unavailability of a facility. While the meeting of all the member is also one major concern.

Existing System

In the existing system storing of information is a manual process, the information regarding member and facility provided to the member is maintained in a paper. While booking for any facility is also done by manual process some time to allow the facility to anyone can coincide to someone if one of them has registered the facility earlier. The member should also come with a receipt which they have provided at the time of registration. If the member doesn’t have the receipt then they cannot use the facility even though they have paid for it.

Proposed System

This thing can be removed by use of automated sports club. This Automated Sports Club system will automatically notify to the person if the registration of slot matched with other member or maintenance period of the club. This Automated Sports Club software will also send the registration number to member’s cell phone. The number of staff can be reduced as the facility can be assigned by the system and it will also reduce the time to maintain a record of all the members of a club.

Automated Sports Club Modules

The Automated Sports Club system is divided into the various module. The first module is an administrative module, this module provides option to the owner of the club to add or delete any member from the system. The owner will have access to maintenance system through it a club owner will organize the facility and schedules the task of members and staffs. The second module is the user module through which the user will have access to the system. The user will be provided with an Id and password through which admin will distinguish among the user. The user can also request for the booking facility and can view the available slots in the system. While there will be some options for non-member user who want to know about the available time slots and place for membership.

System Requirements 

This system needs some software to work and this software is Oracle, java, Tomcat, windows XP. The hardware that is required is Pentium 4 processor, Ram 512 MB, processor 833 MHz.

Project Download

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