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As today’s technology is advanced and it is easy to use the internet which provides the best way to do most of the paperwork by simply sitting at home. The collector monthly review system which is a Java-based software will automate the management in district department. This Review System will provide the information of each part of the government work. Whereas the system will protect the information from misuse by an unauthorized person and providing high security to it.

Existing system

The present Collector Monthly Review System manages the report of government activity on paper which is not an easy process to manage as there are too many works is going at any state or district level. In order to know about any work, there is a high amount of time required as the information is not stored at single place. As the details are kept on paper there is a possibility of change in information by any unauthorized person which will lead to access of wrong information.

Collector Monthly Review System Snapshots

Collector Monthly Review Collector Monthly Review System

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Proposed system

The collector monthly review system will automate all the department process and will make the system easy to use. It will provide an effective means to collect the information and store in one place. The Collector Monthly Review System will give access to only authorized persons and provide the information instant when needed. This can be used by district collector to assign future work, the work will be the construction of the road, school, college in the various part of the state. It will then make the report of each activity such as resource allocation, inquiry. Also, this project will contain the information about the funds provided for each work and will manage the utilization of funds at work.

Collector Monthly Review System Module

This Collector Monthly Review System project is mainly divided into two modules, one is an admin and the other is a user.

In the admin module, the administrator will be any person who has authority from the government for access to the system, The administrator will update the information in the system. While the administrator will also need an ID and password to access the system. It will give an ID which will be generated by the system, the administrator cannot decide that which Id should be given to whom the system will automatically generate and will assign the ID to the user.

The user will be the person who has assigned to do the work, they need to enter the information about the work each day into the system, The user will need to enter a unique Id provided by the administrator and a password.

Software requirement

  • Operating system : Windows XP or higher
  • Language : JAV JDK 1.4 or higher

Hardware requirement

  • Processors : Pentium 3, 500 MHz
  • RAM : 128 MB
  • Hard disk : Minium 1 GB
  • Peripherals : Standard I/O

Download Project

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