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As the worker in the forest department is not a good programmer while they can do some simple task like surfing online, work with ms word, so in this Forestry Management System project we want to develop a system which can be used by them to manage all the data through the system. We will develop a cost efficient system with a good user-friendly environment so that the forest department will not face any problem in accessing the system which will reduce the time and cost required to maintain the data.

Existing system

In the existing Forestry Management System the data is maintained on the paper as the worker don’t know about the programming they can’t make a computerized system and buying the complete build system requires a high amount of money. Each forest has a manager who will monitor the sales of the timber and will maintain the information. As some forest is big enough and as the business so for maintaining this data is a very tedious process which sometimes gets wrong.

Proposed system

In the proposed Forestry Management System the forest business will be maintained through the system. The order will be placed on the system and the manager of the forest will then send the timber to the plant. If the timber will be not good enough to be used, then it will be resent to the forest department. Where these will be sent to the wood mills for the carpentry. As all the operations is conducted from the Forestry Management System the forest manager will get all the information on business from the software. Which will make the system easy to maintain with the reduction in cost and time. The Forestry Management System will also contain the information of the customer so that it the manager can contact with them from the system to make the communication between the manager and the customer.


add customer details customer details

data updated Forestry Management System

Forestry Management System Module

Product details
This module will help to maintain the information on the timber like when it needs to ship, when it needs to bring back and where it can be used. Through this module, a manager can monitor overall activity going on with the product.

Customer details
The system will contain the information of its customer. The details of the customers are stored in the system so that whenever the forest company will need the details they can get by simply typing the name of the customer. The information will be like address, contact information.

Contract details
The manager will do business with the customers on the contract basis, so the system will contain the details of contracts with each customer. The contract can be for a weekly, monthly delivery.

Software requirement

  • Windows based system
  • IBM Web sphere studio application developer 6.0
  • MS SQL Server 2000

Hardware requirement

  • Intel Pentium 4 processor
  • Minimum 1 GB of Ram
  • Hard disk 20GB

Download Project

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