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The aim of this Grievance Handling System project is to build a system which is dedicated to municipal corporations to improve the quality of the life of the citizens. The system manages the information about property tax, registration of birth, deaths, health, water, sewerage charge. This Grievance Handling System will bring the government related work on the internet which can be accessed by anyone and hence it will make the communication between government and citizen easy. While it will provide the status of grievance of people and notify once it will complete.

Existing system

The Grievance Handling System is not centralized so the communication between different branch is not fast enough and make the system slower. The municipal corporation works on the daily basis, so the slower process will decrease the efficiency of the system. While in the present Grievance Handling System, a huge amount of papers is used to record the information on each work which increases the burden. The conventional way of storing the information is not secure as there is the possibility of duplication of the records while retrieving any information to cross check the data takes too much time.

Proposed system

The presented Grievance Handling System project will make the system centralized to increase the speed of the communication between each branch of the government this will make the grievance easy for the citizens compare to existing systems. Now the people can check the status of their grievance and raise the problem from the system. The system will be available for each person just they need one Id which will be their aadhar ID. While the information will be stored in the Grievance Handling System which can be used by entering the aadhar ID and a password it will provide security against the duplication of any document. The retrieving any information for the cross check will be easy as they need to just enter some information about required documents in the system.


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Grievance Handling System Module


By authentication in the Grievance Handling System, the admin can view the complaints sends by the citizen and will manage it. The admin will distribute the workload according in the different department so that the work progress with speed.


In the department module, each branch will get the work according to the department and will access the grievance send by the citizens. The person is working in the department will also need a User ID and password to access the system.


Through this module, a person can send the grievance to the respective department and can check the status of the same. After the completion of the problem raised by user, he/she can give feedback and user can also view the details regarding his/her stored in the department.

Software requirement

  • Operating system : windows based system
  • Front end : HTML, JSP, JavaScript
  • Back end : Oracle 8i
  • Technology : Java
  • Web server : Tomcat 5.0

Hardware requirement

  • Intel Pentium 3 processor
  • 126 MB Ram
  • 20 GB hard disk

Download Project

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