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The main objective of this Mobile Service Provider project is to build an online system through which a telecom company and customers can connect to each other. This Mobile Service Provider system will automate the operation of the telecom service company and make the system simpler. Our project will help the customer to get the mobile service easy at a reduced price rate. The project will aim to help an organization to make their service excellent, time efficient at the low cost.

Existing system

In the existing Mobile Service Provider system the data is stored in the excel, to maintain the data in the excel there are a huge amount of time is required. The maintenance of data in the excel sheet is not an easy process as one need to remember the name of the excel sheet. While if a person remembers the name then also it takes the time to search the file. The present Mobile Service Provider system requires high amount work to maintain an excel sheet which requires a lot of men to do the work, and hence the overall cost required to work is large whereas the accuracy of the system is not that good.

Proposed system

In the mobile service provider operation portal is an internet based system so it provides all the functions without installing the software into the system. As the system is internet based it allow to access many numbers of the person at the same time. It has a graphical interface so the use of the product is easy and anyone can use it without learning anything new. The Mobile Service Provider system can be accessed from the organization or by outside the organization means by the customer if they provide a valid Id. As the Mobile Service Provider system automate most of the task, it speeds up the operation in the industries and provides better user experience than the existing system.


login page Mobile Service Provider System

registration form Service Provider System

Mobile Service Provider Modules

The system has two modules in it, they are authentication and maintenance.

This module contains option by use of which anyone can access the system they just need a valid ID and password. At first login they will provide with the system generated ID and password, but after the first login, they can change their password while Id can’t be changed.

This module provides various options by use of which a customer can use the service provided by the operator. The user won’t need to go anywhere to get the service they will need to access the system and then they can get all the service. The service will be like postpaid plans, monthly plans, world calling feature, roaming tariffs etc.

Software requirement

  • Operating system : Windows based system
  • User interface : HTML, CSS
  • Client-side scripting : JavaScript
  • Programming Language : Java
  • Web applications : JDBC, JNDI, Serviets, JSP
  • IDE/Workbench : Eclipse with MyEclipse Plug-in
  • Database : Oracle/Access
  • Server Deployment : JBoss

Hardware requirement

  • Processor : Pentium 4
  • Hard Disk : 40GB
  • RAM : 256MB

Download Project

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