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We want to develop a web based application which will provide an automated way to maintain the information for visa processing. This Visa Processing System will speed up the time required to get the visa while the software is mainly used for applying for the visa also, it will store the information for the future transaction. Hence this software will be helpful to get the visa and the information related to visa in reduced time.

Existing system

In the Visa Processing System which is present, works on a manual basis and it does not provide an effective visa processing system. As the process is manual the there are a lot of registers present, which decrease the accuracy in the information to be stored and increases the cost to store the details while the time required to access the information also increased. For maintaining these many registers and accessing the information requires a high amount of manpower which again increases costs in the overall process.

Proposed system

The visa processing system will increase the efficiency of the system by automating the visa processing task. This will increase the speed of accessing the details regarding the visa with reduced amount of error in the information. The system will most beneficial to an organization which has a number of clients in another country as they need to store the details of each employee for applying the visa. The visa processing system will manage the information on the behalf of the organization and will notify once the visa is approved. Hence the system will provide an effective means to manage the information and to apply for a visa, an organization can also make online payment through the system for visa and can check the status of the visa. If due to any reason the visa is not approved it will provide a solution for visa approval.

Visa Processing System Snapshots

Home page HR Executive

Login view employee

Visa Processing System add employee Visa Processing System

Visa Processing System Module

Admin module

The admin will be a manager or HR executive of the organization, it will have the control over the number of users who can access the system. The admin can apply for visa renewal and can access the details regarding visa approval.

Visa processing system
This module will maintain the details of applied visa, passport, the number of times any particular man has visited on the site, the number of tours has done by any person.

On-site data module
This contains the details regarding the date of issues of visa, the date of flight, for how many days visa has issued.

Report handler module

This will provide the information related to the person who went to abroad, the progress in the work, the status of visa.

Software requirement

  • Operating system Windows system
  • Front end HTML
  • Back end My SQL 5.0
  • Programming interface JSP
  • Application servers TOMCAT 5.0

Hardware requirement

  • Processors Pentium 3, 800MHz
  • Hard disk 20GB
  • Ram 256 MB
  • Internet connection Dial up at any speed

Download Project

Download Abstract Project Abstract
Download Source Code Project Report
Download Database Project Database

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