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The purpose of the exam scheduler system is to improve the student experience and reduce the burden on the faculty of the school or the exam administration. This system will be able to arrange the big exam with large numbers of student quickly. It will make the time table of exam such the student will get the enough time for each subject. While the Exam Scheduler System will ensure the security of the question paper. The Exam Scheduler System will also help the students by making a timetable for preparation of each subject. The project will be used to conduct multiple exams at the same time.

Existing system

Today, to conduct an exam various faculty related to each subject will make the timetable whereas for the examination like IIT, SSC the administration makes a group who will decide the timetable, and then they make arrangement for the exam. In this type of process, it consumes large time and is not focused on the student’s problem. If the exam had to postpone then it is a huge problem as they need to re-arrange all the things. While a student has to make a timetable for the exam itself and if the daily routine is not good the student will not able use their full potential.

Proposed system

The Exam Scheduler System will be automated and will help the institution to arrange the exam in the most efficient and optimized way. The system will make the timetable such that it will focus on the student’s problem of back to back exam, exam overloading so the students will not face any of these problems and can make use of their full potential. The Exam Scheduler System will assign the invigilators based on the knowledge they have. The software will support multiple exams at a time while the reports can be taken out of the system in various standard files.

Exam Scheduler System Snapshots

Exam Scheduler System Home page Log out page

Exam Scheduler System Module

Admin: The admin will have the authority to make changes to the document made by the scheduler. While the admin will provide access to students, who will give the exam.
User:This module will be used by the students to know the timetable of the exam. While during the exam the students will access the exam scheduler to give the exam.
Scheduler:This module will make the timetable for each exam and will assign the things required in the exam by the students.
Login:through this module student and admin will get the access to the system while according to the ID and the password they will be differentiated.

Hardware requirement

  • Processor : Intel Pentium Dual-core 3.0 GHz
  • RAM : 512 MB
  • HARD DISK : 5 GB
  • INPUT Devices : Keyboard, Mouse
  • Output Device : Color Monitor

Software requirement

  • Operating System : Windows XP or higher
  • Front End : ASP.NET
  • Back End : SQL Server.

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