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The objective behind developing this Online Library Management System project is to build a system which can maintain the work of the library on the web based application. This software will contain the features by using of which the library becomes smart and any user will get the information regarding the library instantaneously. This will help the librarian in maintaining the detail of available books in the library while a student can check the availability of the required books. The Online Library Management System project will be web based so the user can access the details of books without going to the library.

Existing system

In the available Online Library Management System, librarian maintains the details of each book on the registers so to find out the number of books available in the library they need to go to check the entire entry which makes the process slow. While they need to spend an extra hour to maintain the records of books. For a student who wants to know about a book in the library need to search the entire book section. The student needs to check the status of the book means the last date of book, how many books has issued.

Proposed system

The proposed Online Library Management System project will help the students and librarian to maintain the details of the library. It will assist the librarian before the shortage of books while they can know the details of the number of currently available in the library according to the author by accessing the system. A student can view the details of the book issued by them, and the system will notify the students about the last date of submission of books. At the time of issue of a book, the student will get assisted by the system about different authors of a similar book so that they can get the best available book from the library.

Online Library Management System Snapshot

search book Online Library Management System

Online Library Management System Module

Admin module
This module will be the most important part of the system as it will validate the new students, will add the teachers to the system, will add the details about new books into the system, will generate the report of the work.

Student module

The student module further divides into several other modules:
Student registration: By use of this module a student can connect to the system. The student will need to enter the information related to is him, and then they will get an ID and password.
Login: Through it, the student can access the system just they have to enter the ID and password they got at the time of registration.
Book management: this module will help the students to maintain the details of issuing a book.

Software requirement

  • Operating system : Windows 7
  • Database : MySQL
  • Language : JAVA, HTML, CSS, PHP

Hardware requirement

  • Processor : Intel i3
  • RAM : 1GB
  • Hard Disk : 20GB

Download Online Library Management System Project

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