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Tourist Guide Project using Android



Tourist Guide Project

In this Tourist Guide Project system, the map of the city is provided to the people in their phone which they get them via installing this application into their android phone. The map will help the travelers to find their desired location. The side bit also consist of the details other than location such as how will they reach their and how will they enjoy their and so on.
This Tourist Guide Project applications is truly designed for the people who loves to travel and many a lot of times they are the alone one’s who travel. This application works on android platform.

Existing System

Well normally, the tourists or basically any person with a ‘fish out of water’ tag on their back, had either to rely on the old timer ways to get to their destination’s in a foreign place, by asking for directions or asking the officials or even if they has a GPS system or any other location guide software on their device they would still be running a constant fear of falling into Single Point Failure whenever the servers went down, which they will at one point or other. So with the Tourist Guide Project application that works offline with every detail that one could ask for, it’s always helpful when and where you need the help most.

Proposed System

Proposed Tourist Guide Project system does not require internet connection for accessing the information and user can also view their desired location into the map as well. They can also estimate the time they are going to put while reaching to their loved destination and also as a side path, they get access to the other information related to the place such as the specialty of that place, charges of the places, nearby hotels and restaurants and so on.

Tourist Guide Project Modules

Given are the modules for android travel guide project:

1. User Module: Via user module, user can make account into the application and can use it for future purpose and also get latest updates thoroughly.
2. Booklet Module: In this module, all the information is viewed via this module and user can access this module through their account.
3. Database Module: This module contains all the data related to the system such as users that are registered into the system and so on. Time wise update of the database will lead to timely updation of information in the user’s account as well.
4. Admin Module: All the updates and addition and deletion of information related to places and other information are updated via this module. Only admin has the right to access this module.

Technologies Used

  • Java Core
  • Kivy
  • SQL Server
  • Java Advanced
  • Hibernate
  • My SQL

Hardware Requirements

  • Hard Disk – 4 GB.
  • RAM – 2 GB.
  • Processor – i3 or higher.
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Monitor
  • Printer

Software Requirements

  • Android debug bridge
  • Android software development Kit 
  • Windows 7
  • JDK 6
  • Netbeans
  • Notepad

Download Project

Download Abstract Project Abstract Download

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