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Set Operations program in C



Set Operations program in CPrograms source code to perform Set Operations program in C and C++ Language.Operations on set to be performed are Given below

  • Input Operations – This operation should allow the user to provide input to the program. Program should check the provided input to check whether its valid or not. If the input is not valid then program should as the user to provide input again.


  • Display Operations – This operation should present the user with the requested output. Display operations will be having another sub menu to select other options.


  • Union Operation – This operation of program will implement the union operation on the provided input and then displays the final output.


  • Intersection Operations – This option should implement intersection operation on the provided input and output the result. 


  • Difference Operations – This operation should implement difference operation on the provided sets. After calculating  difference user should be provided with the output.


  • Symmetric Difference Operations – This option of Set Operations program in C should implement symmetric difference operation to the sets.


  • Exit – Upon selecting this option program should quit.


These operations on sets are performed by implementing a simple logic in C language code . User have to provide input to Operations on Set program and it will print the selected operation on Set .

Set Operations program Code 


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