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Telephone Directory System Project in Java


The main objective of this Telephone Directory System java project is to store the contact details of the desired persons in a database. It is a friendly easy to use interface developed in Java with MySql as the back end to store the details. This application stores all the details like name, telephone number, address, email id and website in a database. This system was developed to reduce the errors that creep up in manual systems. It was very difficult to store all the details manually there such a system was developed. This software also allows to edit, update and search various contact details. It is secure, easy to use and reliable software system. It also provides a good level of security as there is an admin who can only edit and update details. Earlier where there was only a manual system which required a lot of paperwork but now an automated system is developed which meet all the requirements. This is phonebook application in java and check out telephone directory management system project documentation at the end of this page which will help in understanding this project.

Telephone Directory System

Existing system

Earlier there was a manual system which requires a lot of paperwork and required a lot of time to maintain the contact records in a database. The records stored were also not secured as anyone can view it. So there was a risk of storing records. Besides this, if any changes were to be made then all things need to be updated which was very difficult to do. There was also a risk for loss of information in this system. This also lead to errors so there was a need for the new system to be developed.

Proposed system

The Telephone Directory System  allows storing contact details in a database which is handled by the administrator. So this provides a secure system which could easily search, edit or update any records. It also allows to easily update the contact details without modifying much. The records can be modified only by the administrator. In this, you can easily log in and view the contact details. This reduces dependence on the manual system which earlier required a lot of paperwork. This also saves time and the cost of paper. All the records are safely stored in a database using MySql. This comes under java projects and you can download telephone directory mini project in java with source code. 

Telephone Directory System Modules

  • Admin module: This is the main module where the administrator logins into the database. All the admin details are stored with user id and password.
  • Contact module: This module allows the user to enter all the details like name, phone number, address, website, facebook account details.
  • Insert module: In this module, all the details regarding contacts are inserted.
  • Delete module: In this module, the records with a specific id is deleted.
  • View module: This module allows the user to view a specific contact detail.
  • Search module: This module allows to search for the contact details by just entering its name.

Software Requirements

  • Java

Hardware Requirements

  • Hard Disk – 2 GB.
  • RAM required – 1 GB (minimum)
  • Processor – Dual Core or Above.
  • Technology Used

Telephone directory project in java

Download Telephone directory project Database

Download Telephone directory Abstract

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