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We at ProjectsGeek have more than 1500+ projects in Java Projects, Visual Basic Projects, PHP Projects, ASP Net Projects, JSP Projects, C/C++ Projects, Angular Projects, Database Projects, Project reports, Project Diagrams and Python based Projects.

Here you can search for projects and project ideas for students academic work and all these projects are provided for free. You can even share your projects and code here to help other people with their project work.


Java Projects – Top 20 Projects


Java Language is very common and widely used language nowadays for standalone desktop applications as well as web applications. From project point of view as well java projects are very common developed projects by students for academic work. So here we have top 20 projects list which students can use for their academic work. You can download java projects with source code using download section of every project page.


Hospital Management System Content Management System
Online Job Portal Project Pay Roll System Project
Online Examination System Client Management System
Online Library Management System Online Tenders Management System
Virtual Classroom Project Web Based Reporting System
Online Reservation System College Library Application System
Visa Processing System Help Desk Management System
Colleges Enrollment System Student Registration System
Airline Reservation System Criminal Face Detection System
ATM Database System Internet Banking System



Visual Basic Projects – Top 20 Projects


 Bus Ticketing Management System  Jewellery Management System
 Banking Management System  Video Library Management System
 Hospital Management System  Railway Ticket Booking System
 Insurance Management System  Sales and Inventory System
 Airline Reservation System  Video Rental Management System
 College Management System  Software Inventory System
 Courier Management System  Simple Chat Room Project
 Computer Shop Management system  Membership Management System
 Super Market Management System  Library Monitoring System
 Library Management System  Software Inventory System



PHP Projects – Top 20 Projects


Crime Reporting System  Online Discussion Forum
Attendance Management System  Online Hotel Reservation System
Online examination system  E-commerce Management System
University management system  Internship Portal Management System
Project management system  Garage Management System
Hostel reservation system  Simple Inventory System
Online Chat System  Job Portal System
Book shop management system  E-Voting Machine System
Garage Management System  Online Shopping System
School Fees System  Online Library Management System


C/C++ Projects – Top 20 Projects


Canteen management system Book Shop System
Payroll management system Banking system
Railway Reservation System Matrix Calculator Program
Library Management System Diabetes Detection System
School Management System  Railway Ticket Reservation System
Student Management System Music Library Management System
Computer shop management Shuffle Game Project
Report Card making System Periodic Table Program
Hotel Management System  Job Portal System
Salary management system School Fees System



ASP Net Projects – Top 20 Projects


Mobile payment system Examination Branch System
Courier Management System Fleet Manager System
Cab Service Management System Instant Interact system
Leave Management System Client Query Track
E-Post Office  Active Source Routing Protocol
Shopping Cart Property Selling portal
Movie World portal Electronic Bidding System
World Recipe Management System Airline ticket reservation System
Hospital management System Tax Information management System
Web based Mail Service Leave Management System


JSP Projects – Top 10 Projects

Online Banking Project Online Quiz Project
Online Library Project Transport Company Project
Online Pharmacy Project Mail Casting Project
Payment Billing Product Project City Classified and Search
Company Mailer Project Connect Globe Project


Project Ideas – Latest Top 20 Projects


Context Based Search Engine Package Manager Project
Linux Package Manager Project Learning Made Easy
Voice Chat Server Project Covert Communication Digital Images
E-Learning Management System Colored Image Copyright Protection
Web Alerts system Remote Grammar Updation Module
Website Testing Tools Mobile Bluetooth Business and Social Networking
Source Code Analyzer Online Time Sheet
Secure Virtual Drive Online Voting System
Intercom Over LAN Web Service for Multiple clients
Data ware House Detection of Virus Patterns in Emails 


Android Projects – Top 20 Projects


 Vehicle Tracking Application  Voting System Project
 Tourist Guide Project system  AI Diet Consultant system
 Photo Viewer Android Project  Merchant Application using QR system
 Hotel Reservation Project system  Intelligent Tourist Information System
 Furniture Shopping Project  Multi Layer Pattern Project
 Blood Bank Android Project  WIFI Library Book Locator
 Universal Ticketing System  Dabbawala Android Project system
 Civil Administration Reporting project  Inventory Tracker project
 Bluetooth Chat Android system  Mobile Quiz system
 Mobile Based Attendance System  Grocery Shopping Android System


You can download all these projects by going to individual page and then downloading project from download section of page. If you are facing any issue with your projects code or running any projects, please do ask your questions in comment section of project. This way we can track each and every issue and provide good project support.

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