Java mini projects With Source Code

 Java mini projects With Source Code


Download Java mini projects With Source Code for academic projects and final Year. Just download Java mini projects and create database according to given Information.

 Pocket Tanks  Game Java mini projects is the game project which is actually like commercially available pocket Tank game.It uses applet and servlet concept of java programming to run the program.

Pocket Tanks  Game Java Project    Pocket Tanks Game Java Project
 Internet Banking Java Project        Internet Banking Java Project
 Hospital Management Java Project  Hospital Management Java Project
 Teachers Feedback Form Java Project  Teachers Feedback Form Java Project
 Online Job Portal Java Project Online Job Portal Java Project
 Online Examination Java Project  Online Examination Java Project
 Alumini Database Java Project   Alumini Database Java Project
 Virtual Classroom Java Project   Virtual Classroom Java Project
 Lan Chat and File Sharing Java Project   Lan Chat and File Sharing Java Project
 Payroll System Java Project  Payroll System Java Project
Online Exam Java Project Online Exam Java Project
Java Game mini Project Java Game mini Project
 Online Shopping Java Project   Online Shopping Java Project
 Online Library Management System   Online Library Management System
Feedback Collection System java project  Feedback Collection System java project
Text Editor in Java Project Text Editor in Java Project
Moving Balls using Java Applet Moving Balls using Java Applet
Online Reservation System ProjectOnline Reservation System Project
Web skeletonizer service Web skeletonizer service Project
Web Enabled Manufacturing Process ProjectWeb Enabled Manufacturing Process
Album Manager Project Project Album Manager Project Project 
Global Communication NetworkGlobal Communication Network Project 
Library System projectLibrary System project
Link Handler System ProjectLink Handler System Project
Crypto system ProjectCrypto system Project
Scheduling and Dispatching project Scheduling and Dispatching project
Intranet Mailing System Intranet Mailing System project
Online Examination System Project Online Examination System Project



  1. mohammad

    Hi sir please put project that how to play movie with java and how to work with multimedia database


    • ProjectsGeek

      @Mohammad ..currently we don’t have project on multimedia database. But we will try to put project on play movie with java..Thanks for your Suggestion.

  2. shubham

    sir do you have any project related to real estate in java


  3. aakash

    do u have any simple java or php project with full synopsis?
    like medical store management . kindly mail if u have any as soon as possible, it really urgent.


  4. ProjectsGeek

    @Vishnu…No We don’t have project related to installing turboc in smartphones.


  5. vishnu

    do you have any project related to installing turboc in smartphones?


  6. Minfaz

    Can i get a course registration system??


  7. ProjectsGeek

    @Sandeep you can find profile creation module in these projects ….

    Pocket Tanks Game Java Project
    Alumini Database Java Project


    • Sandeep

      Thank You ProjectsGeek. The alumini project was helpful for profile creation. However I am looking for some help or sample where when a profile creates and posts something those posts to list on landing page of application irrespective of who posted. similar to techcrunch. Can you please guide me to similar project that you have?
      Thank You

  8. Sandeep

    Do you have any java project close to social networking web application? Even if its not for social networking something where a profile can be created and then viewed?


  9. ProjectsGeek

    @Yuthika . What problem you are facing ?

    Please Let us know so that we can sort that out. You need to click on the button to the corresponding project which will take you to the project page.
    On that page you can download Project.


  10. yuthika

    Why can’t I download the java projects?
    Please help me out.


    • Manju

      Do you have any java code for calculating attendance like bunk manager app available in play store using applet

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