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Add Two 8 Bit Numbers Code Assembly Language

Write a Program to Add Two 8 Bit Numbers in Assembly Language .  Program should load data in registers AL and BL then add two Numbers .
Consider that a byte of data is present in the AL register and second byte of data is present in the BL register.
We have to add the byte in AL with the byte in BL.
  • Using ADD instruction add the contents of 2 registers.
  • Result will be stored in the AL register.
  • Display the result using display routine.
For example :
AL = 09 H
09 H
BL = 02 H
02 H
0B H = (11)10

Algorithm to Add Two 8 Bit Numbers

Step  1     :    Initialize the data segment.
Step 2      :    Get the first number in AL register.
Step 3      :    Get the second number in BL register.
Step 4      :    Add the two numbers.
Step 5      :    Display the result.
Step 6      :    Stop



Program to Add Two 8 Bit Numbers


How to Run this Program :
For Running this program you should have installed Tasm on you computer . If you have not installed Tasm  yet please install from Here .
C:\>tasm 8bit-add.asm
Assembling file              :        8bit-add.asm
Passes                          :        1
Remaining memory        :        438k
C:\>tlink 8bit-add.obj

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