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Online Doctor System project in Java

Online Doctor System project

Project Abstract

Online Doctor SystemSometimes you come across small problems where you to need consult doctors about your health problems or for the nearest ones and follow their prescriptions. Online Doctor System will provide you the power of direct interaction between doctors of your choice as and when required for your small problems. Using this web Online Doctor System applications, patients will able to fill online form in just few seconds before entering to the virtual office room. It will also enable you to upload your lab results such as x-ray copies, health history etc which can be viewed by your referred doctors.

Existing System

Under manual Online Doctor System, you have to first wait in line to take appointment for the doctors and wait for your time to have meet with them and discuss on your health problems.As you have to provide your information and other reports many times at different places such as the medicine store which is again a burden of carrying documents. You have to be present physically at the doctor’s cabin. Patients have to visit on another day of after some hours to take their health reports which involves extra care person with patients anytime. Under manual system, the only accepted payment method is by cash and if patients due to some reasons are not having cash on time may face difficulties and not able to get treatment.

Proposed System

To make a truly Online Doctor System system to have meet with online doctors, all manual process has been automated through this system. Patient have to fill online form by which id and password created and sended to their email and upon accepting data, automatic login to patient panel. Through this panel, patients can select the doctors and have appointment with them on their time from their own place. Patients will get all their reports and medicine prescriptions in their inbox by notification indication just after appointment session. There is no need of cash and a secure payment gateway has been used to pay the required fees using their account or debit or credit card.


  1. Patient Form and Login Module.
  2. Online Appointment Module.
  3. Medicine Module.
  4. Referral Module.
  5. Payment Module.
  6. Online Reports Module.

Patient Form and Login Module

For the first time visitors, they have to just enter their basic details and can enter their dashboard. System will take care of creating their new profile. For existing patients, they will have to enter their id and password sended to their email earlier. This module will like virtual office from where all activity can be performed.

Online Appointment Module

Through this module, patients can select doctors and have discussion regarding their health problems. Patients will able to get their availability time or choose from the available ones and start their diagnosis immediately.

Medicine Module

This module will provide details of medicines which should be taken by the patients. It will also include the limit up to which these medicines should be taken and date to have meet again with doctors.

Referral Module:-

Referral module will allow patients to change their doctors. For this process, patients have to click on the doctor name whose request will be made available to particular doctor inbox and provide their meeting time.

Payment Module

Patients will have to make their payment online to take services using this system. Each doctors will have some fees which need to pay before their appointment session begins.

Online Report Module

Patients can get their lab results and health reports through tis section which is available under each patient homepage. When documents are available under this module, a special notification symbol appears above it which helps to notify their patients. Thus it provide relieve to patients for carrying these from here and there.

Download Project 

Online Doctor System Abstract Download Project
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