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 Online Resource Management System project

Online Resource Management System is basically a emerging online Resource Management System which has huge importance to the many Corporates and Independent Business Units. Resource Management System is a online application which can be hosted on intranet and can be accessed throughout the company as well as from any where. Online Resource Management System will be used to add employee details and help the top level management of corporation in allocating resources to various departments.

Functional components of the Online Resource Management System project

Following is a list of functionality of the system.

Online Resource Management System will consist of two types of users . One would be the privileged users such as team leads,project managers , group project managers etc. which have the authority to allocate resources to various departments and projects. Other type of user will be low level employee of users who would be able to update their personal and official details but with limited functionality.

System Specifications

Hardware Requirements

  • Pentium-IV(Processor).
  • 256 MB Ram
  • 512 KB Cache Memory
  • Hard disk 10 GB
  • Microsoft Compatible 101 or more Key Board

  Software Requirements

  • Operating System : Windows
  • Programming language: C#.NET
  • Web-Technology: VB..NET
  • Back-End: MS ACESS
  • Web Server: IIS

Online Resource Management System  Snapshots

 Download Online Resource Management System Project

Project report Download Project report Download
Project Abstract Download  Project Abstract Download
Project Code Download  Project Code Download

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