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The main objective of the student project allocation system is to make an internet based system which will provide information of each student to institute with ease. This project will provide an effective and efficient way to manage data with low cost. The Student Project Allocation contains various options such as login/logout, data management by grouping same type of data, online test, etc. which will give an interactive experience to users.  It will be secure with a password so the data can be used by only those who have an id and password while the data will be maintained in the system for a long period of time.

Existing system

In the present Student Project Allocation system, each institute maintains information manually into the register. Storing the information manually in the register required a high amount of time and if the information is stored, then accessing that information is a time taking process as one need to search for the required information in each register. Where to store the information is time taking process it also increases the possibility of error in the data writing in registers. The information can be misplaced after some time as there are a lot of other registers are kept in the same place.

Proposed system

The proposed Student Project Allocation system is based on the internet so that data can be accessed by any system and from any place. The institute will need to enter the student information into the system so that whenever they require the information they can access by simply entering the student id or name into the system. The Student Project Allocation system will contain all the information of students such as academic, address, phone number etc. It will also take the test of student and will make a list of students who all pass in the exam so that it will be easy for any institute to keep records while at the a student can check their results and class rank.

Student Project Allocation Snapshots

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Student Project Allocation Module

The system is made of several modules in which some important modules are:


In the admin module the overall control will have the institute administrator and by using this module an institute can give access to any person by providing an ID and password to those while it can also check the information that who had access to the system with date and time.


In the user module, a person can only view the details by login to the system with their Unique ID provided by the system.

Hardware requirement

  • Processor           Pentium 4, 1.7 GHz
  • Ram                    512 MB
  • Hard disk           80GB

Software requirement

  • Operating system       windows 2000 / XP sp2
  • RDBMS package         oracle
  • Front end                    JSP
  • Browser                     IE7

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