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In this project, we will build an application which will store the contact information about the various person. The program will allow a user to store the information on the device rather than on the diary, as a person has to find the contact details about a person each time. This software will allow a user to maintain the contact information with the photo of that person. However, the primary purpose of this project to make contact storing application user-friendly so that any individual can interact with the system.

Address Book

Existing System

In the present system, a person has to store the contact details in the diary. When the user needs that information, he has to find the information in the register by going to each page. There may be the case when two or more person information is present with the same name. So when a person finds all the contact with the same he/she might get confused about the contact person. While in the manual process to keep any information in a diary is a time-consuming process, there is a high possibility of error with the details.

Proposed System

In the Address book application, a user can keep the contact information on the device. So when a user requires contact details of any person can get in a simple click. The application provides various options such as edit of a piece of information, delete a contact, add the details, and add the image of a person. As the system provides an option to insert the picture with the contact details, the user will never get confused about which contact information belong to which person even though the name is same. A user can find a contact by the help of search option in which the person need to write the name of the contact.


To work correctly this application contains various module in it, and these modules are:

New contact: By use of this module a user can add the details of a new person in the application. The user can also add various information related to the person.

Save: When the user will add a new contact to the system he/ she will have to save the information otherwise the information will get erased, However, The person will also save the information when he/she will edit the details.

Update: The user will have an option to update the information if there are any changes with information of contact information.

Find: This module will help the user to find any contact information just by entering contact person name.

Software requirement

  • Operating system: Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista or above.
  • Front End: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.
  • Back End: C#.NET
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

Hardware requirement

  • Processor: Pentium 4.0 (1.6 GHz)
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Hard Disk: 10 GB

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