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The objective of this Sales and Inventory System program is to automate the process of managing inventory at a computer store. It manages the sales, supplies and inventory of the computer store. It keeps track of all the customers, the purchases made during a given period and the inventory of the items. This application is basically managed by the administrator. The administrator can login through the system.The user can check all the purchases made and the inventory of the items at that time. He also can view the details of the customers. The user shall be able to make payments for the transactions through this system. A database is maintained which has the inventory of all the items. The Sales and Inventory System also keeps track of supplier details and sales. The user can generate reports for a given time period. This can display all the records regarding the sales that is done during a selected period. It stores all purchase order details and invoice details in respective tables in the database. It uses MS access as the database. It provides report on supplier, customer, sales. All the fields on the form takes valid values and error handling is done at the front end itself.

Sales and Inventory System

Existing System

The existing Sales and Inventory System did not have any automated method of tracking sales etc. The inventory management was manually done by the resources of the company. There was no way of tracking the customers in database. All the data was stored in ledgers. The search operations would take a long time. The user could not know easily what is the current inventory for the computers, sales, of items, purchase order and invoices. It took a lot of time to manually search for all records in different files.

Proposed Sales and Inventory System

This is a simple graphical user interface which allows the user to view all the sales,Inventory of computer items, purchase orders, invoice details etc. The details regarding customers are stored in Access database. These details are fetched from the back end and displayed to the user. This way the user can easily check for the items that are purchased, Invoice numbers, the amount of sales done for a particular period. He shall be able to generate report related to sales for a particular period. This Sales and Inventory System would help the business to a large extent. The user can view the current stock available with them. Based on the purchase orders they can prepare invoice for computer items that have to be procured in the store. These data are stored in inventory tables like sales and purchases in the databases. The user can check for the transactions that is done on a particular day. The user can check for all the pending orders and the delivery dates through the tool.It is developed using Visual basic.

System Specifications


Customer Information: This module holds all the data like the customer name, customer address, phone numbers, date of purchase and the bill details.
Sales details: This module will have all the sales related details like the item id, date of sales, bill amount, transaction type etc.
Inventory: This module will have the stock details, The different types of items available with them, the price of these items, Quantity etc.

Hardware configuration

  • Processor Intel P IV
  • 512 RAM
  • Monitor
  • Hard disk 80 GB
  • Key board
  • Mouse

Software configuration

  • Windows XP 
  • Language Visual Basic 6.0
  • MS Access

Download Project

 Sales and Inventory System Abstract Download Abstract
 Sales and Inventory Source Code Download Source Code

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